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Grab two jars of honey and save money!
A jar of Runny Honey and a jar of Set Honey, what's not to like!

Jar No. 1: Our most popular honey variety captures the taste of the Great British Summer. Honeybees forage of a range of wild flowers including the quintesentially british blackberry. Fruity and sweet, this runny honey is perfect for drizzling over foods both sweet and savory. Why not simply stir a spoonful into your favourite fruit tea and drink ether hot or cold.

Jar No. 2: One of our favourite honey types is our soft set honey. Smooth and buttery it spreads easily on toast, bagels or crumpets. The huge benefit of soft set honey is that it stays on your toast!

We use our Spring honey especially selected for it's tiny granular structure and gently stir this into our runny honey to slowly cause the entire batch of honey to form tiny sugar crystals that go to make this super smooth and delicious honey.
Our honey is never filtered retaining its natural properties. Natural honey's health benefits have long been recognised by communities all over the world.

Twin Set of Honey No.1

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