My online beekeeping course "Getting Started in Beekeeping" is perfect for the beginner beekeeper just getting started or for someone who is thinking of starting their beekeeping journey

Hi, I'm Stewart and I'm here to help

We all need a helping hand when we first start something new and beekeeping is no different.

Along with all of the other resources on my website here you'll find links to my online course for beginner beekeepers and beyond.


Making sure you have all the right information and knowledge when you get started is crucial in making sure your hobby starts on a positive and successful step.

The first years of beekeeping can be fraught with challenges that only experience can bring but I've done my best to help you through that tricky start with my course


Enrolment is simple and quick, click on the link below to enrol and have access to 40+ videos, information sheets, downloadable pdf files, quizzes and much more.

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Getting Started In Beekeeping.


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