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Welcome to our First Year of Beekeeping 2017 Playlist


To help beginner beekeepers in their first year of beekeeping in a positive and enjoyable way I took a nucleus colony of my own and moved them into a full sized hive on my allotment to demonstrate all that is involved in starting to keep honeybees.

I walk you through the season demonstrating various processes and procedures from Disease inspections to extracting honey.

This series is ideally suited to someone who is looking to get started in beekeeping and wants to see what is involved,


If you would like more information about getting started and are interested in a beginner's online beekeeping course 

please do visit my online course here:

Getting Started in Beekeeping 2017

Getting Started in Beekeeping 2017
01: Allotment Apiary - Getting Started in Beekeeping 2017 #Beekeeping Basics
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02: Our First Honeybees Colony - Getting Started in Beekeeping 2017 -  The Norfolk Honey Co.
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03: Moving The Honeybee Nucleus Colony
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04: Moving the Nuc into a Full Sized Hive
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First Inspection of the Nucleus after Installation in it's Hive
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My First Beehive - Weekly Inspections
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Adding a Queen Excluder and Super, Finding Brace Comb & adding a frame.
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How to Find Your Queen
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Collecting a Swarm and housing in a Nuc Box
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Weekly Inspection of Beginner Beehive and Checking Super for Nectar Flow
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Getting Started in Beekeeping - A weekly Inspection. I can't find that Wax Moth!
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Disease Inspection, Wax Moth Larvae and that pesky Adult Wax Moth hides from me!
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Extracting Honey from the First Super of our Allotment Hive
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How to use a Clearer Board to Remove Honeybees from a Super
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How To Check a Super Frame for Ripe Honey
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How To Strain and Bottle Honey - Our First Crop of Honey From the Allotment Hive
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