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Newsletter Pollen Question

Hi Everyone,

Did you know I publish a fortnightly Newsletter?

It's a simple, image rich, email newsletter showing some of the pictures I taken with a few comments, links, ocassional deals and offers and updates about what I'm getting up to.

If you don't already get the newsletter please do sign up via the pop up on this website.

In my most recent newsletter, I posted a picture of some pollen grains taken from a plant recently and photographed as a request from one of my Patreon subscribers Linda Mizer.

I'm not sure how many of you would be intereseted in knowing where this particular pollen came from but if you're here you probably clicked on the link in the newsletter so congratulations for getting this far!

So, the image was from these below;

The images running anticlockwise from top right to bottom left are all at x400 magnification and the botoom right image is at x40 magnification.

The flower in question is in fact Goldenrod (Solidago)

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