The BM1 is a budget priced long arm stereomicroscope. The stereo head is supported at the end of an extended horizontal arm which may be clamped to allow viewing at any convenient angle. The heavy stable base acts as a counterbalance, allowing the microscope head to be used at the maximum extension of the arm arrangement.


The stereo head has an integral rack and pinion focus system with an adjustable clutch system which controls the tightness of the mechanism. The BM1 is designed to be used with construction and quality control and the position and comfort of the operator is an important feature. The instrument is available with either upright or 45° angled eye tubes.


The BM1 has an in built LED light source on a fully flexible goose neck arm that can angle the excellent bright spotlight into any position. The LED lighting is heat gain free which overcomes criticisms of the earlier models with halogen light units that became very hot when used for any length of time.The base unit contains a 12volt transformer system with on/off switch and fuse.


The long arm has a knuckle joint at its midpoint which allows the angle of the stereo head to be varied. The head can also be rotated about the long arm so that the microscope can be used to view objects in any plane.


The BM1 has an excellent optical performance and the eye tubes have inter-distance and independent focus adjustments. x10 widefield eyepieces are fitted as standard and with x1 and x2 objectives pairs give the option of x10 and x20 magnification. This can be extended by the use of alternative eyepieces and an auxiliary x3.5 objective to give a potential magnification range of x5 to x70.

BM1 Stereo Microscope - Long Arm


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