The Brunel SP50 is probably pound for pound the best value compound microscope in our range. This instrument bridges the gap between microscopes best suited for amateur and professional use. Standard features include a quadruple nosepiece turret with achromatic objectives x4, x10, x40 and x100 (oil). Matched with x10 wide field eyepieces gives the SP50 a magnification range of x40 to x1000. The SP50 has a coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism, with tension control and focus stop. This is a good sized microscope with a robust stand well suited for the rigours of educational use or commercial applications whilst being ideal for the serious amateur microscopist.


The SP50 trinocular is a modern microscope with an LED light source with rheostat brightness control. The good size mechanical stage has drop down coaxial controls with a double vernier scale location system.

The SP50 has a full substage which includes an Abbe condenser with an independent focus control (N.A. 1.25), iris diaphragm and filter carrier. DIN standard parfocal objectives. The high power objectives have retractable front lenses for slide safety. The SP50D is a digital version of this microscope with a 1.3M inbuilt CMOS chip camera with software that allows still image capture, video and time lapse imaging, together with measuring on the saved image.

SP50D High Power Microscope


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