Honey Paw nucleus hive provides the best thermal performance for small colonies

Honey Paw's Langstroth Polystyrene Nucleus Hive is a small beehive that can be used in various ways. Nucs comes in 4 frame capacity and can be used when splitting the hive, queen rearing or wintering "spare queens".

Nuc boxes are made of same high-quality material as the normal size Honey Paw beehive boxes ( expanded polystyrene "EPS" with a density of over 100 kg / m3). Nuc beehive boxes are provided flat packed and are assembled in the same way as the full-size beehive body. 

Honey Paw's Langstroth Polystyrene Nucleus Hive can be used in double nuc setup on any Honey Paw beehive: 2x 4 frame Nuc = 10 frames normal brood box footprint.

Double Nuc beehive can bee formed either using normal size beehive bottom or with two nuc's hive bottoms. With a double nuc hive, you can use Honey Paw's 15L feeder and beehive roof to cover the whole double nuc beehive complete. 

The roof can also double as a floor thus creating an easy way to split colonies with the minimum of kit.

Honey Paw Nucleus Box


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