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DEPOSIT ONLY Pre-orders now being taken for 10 frame colonies on Langstroth frames supplied in refurbished poly hive. We can also adapt this larger sized colony to reduce it to a nucleus colony on five or six frames with the remaining frames being foundation should you prefer a slightly smaller colony to begin with. contact me to discuss.

Deposit Only £30 per colony. Full price of £300, balance of £270 payable by agreement.

We have a limited number of colonies overwintering in Langstroth hives that will be available in mid to late June 2024.

 These will have established queens and be ready for Summer honey production or can be used to split and make up nucleus colonies to ready for later in the year as overwintered strocks in their own right.

We anticipate colonies being ready in Early to Mid June 2024 (weather dependant) and will be full-sized colonies not nucleus colonies.

These are ideal for anyone looking to increase stocks and will be loaded with brood ready for the Summer flow.

Please contact me for further details via our contact page or simply place an order via this page.

Colony of Honeybees in Langstroth Hive

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