Join me for a full day of beekeeping.

I provide a small number of Beekeeping Experience Days each season for anyone interested in getting started in beekeeping or anyone simply interested in seeing what a beekeeper gets up to with his beehives.
These are GROUP days 9:30am to 4pm (which mostly overrun due to getting so involved with the bees!). Groups are limited to no more than 8 beekeepers but we can include a friend or partner if you want to bring someone along with you (Please see the Non- Beekeeper Group option).

We start the day by talking about what you would like to get out of the day and discuss beekeeping generally and what equipment you may require to get started, talk about honeybee basic biology and the makeup of a hive.

  • Honeybee Basic Biology
  • What a beehive consists off
  • Look at the Tools and equipment required
  • Cover the Beekeeping Year
  • Talk about the costs of beekeeping
  • Discuss obtaining your first honeybees (Local bees are best)
  • Plus a whole lot more.

The main purpose of the day, however, is to get the group in front of as many beehives as possible and show you what is involved in looking after a colony of honeybees, culminating in you carrying out an inspection on a hive accompanied by me if you so wished.

It is a really simple hobby to get involved in but takes a lifetime to master (and then some!). We provide the bee suit and gloves, you just need to bring some wellies.

The cost of the day which includes lunch and drinks is £99 per beekeeper or £150 for one beekeeper and non-beekeeping partner (please see the optional product to purchase).

To book your day, purchase this product and I will then email you with a range of dates. If the arranged day is cancelled due to the weather we will rearrange as many times as needed until we get you in front of the bees.

Beekeeping Experience Day - Group (2020)


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