Here at The Norfolk Honey Company we believe this pollen substitute, sometimes known as a pollen patty, is the best on the market, that's why we're confident enough to use this exclusively on our own bee farm for spring build-up.


We regularly see an increase in the amount of brood and bees our colonies are able to produce.


Apipasta Plus is a Paste-like feed which acts as a pollen substitute, not a supplement, and provides all the necessary macronutrients for the proper development of the bees.

Advantages of Apipasta Plus:

  • It provides all the benefits of pollen in the feeding of the hive.
  • Easy to use, it does not need any preparation nor the addition of water.
  • Very good assimilation by bees, specially designed for the extraction and ingestion of bees.
  • Products consumed by the bee, is not stored in the hive, eliminating the problems of contamination of honey with sugars.
  • Apipasta Plus has a  long shelf life, can be stored for more than 18 months if stored under normal conditions.
  • Absence of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a toxic substance for the bees.


Its use is advised for:

  • Stimulation of the hive increasing healthy brood production
  • The recovery of protein reserves or maintenance during the winter, supply at the beginning of autumn.
  • Development for breeding 


Store in a cool dry place, preferably at an ambient temperature of approximately 15°C.





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