Beeswax Wraps made with beeswax from our own honeybees and beehives. Perfect for wrapping food for freshness and safety. Reduce your plastic use by switching to our beeswax wraps instead of using cling film.

Beeswax Wraps Created Straight From The Hive

The core product of a beeswax wrap is, unsurprisingly, pure, natural beeswax, and we know all about beeswax.

We've been keeping honeybees in Norfolk since the late 1980's and part of the honey extraction process involves removing the very pale, wax cappings that seal each individual cell containing honey.

We take these "cappings", wash them carefully, and then use this pristine wax as the base for our beeswax wraps formula.


Pure, 100% Natural, Norfolk Beeswax - It's all we ever use in our beeswax wraps and that's our promise.

Oh, if you're wondering why we wash them? We use the residual honey to make our own personal Mead,
Unfortunately, that's not for sale, yet!

We're Beekeepers First and Foremost - That Makes Our BeeswaxWraps Special

Our core business principles mean we are always focused on how to keep our honeybees in a sustainable and thoughtful way.

We don't buy in any honey or wax to sell on, we produce what our honeybees are able to gather and we're thankful for that.

This is why our wraps may occasionally be out of stock as we wait for our seasonal crop of beeswax to be produced.

We won't ever buy in wax to make beeswax wraps, that way we can guarantee the purest, most natural product available.

Our honeybees are never treated with chemicals when we are producing honey and beeswax thus ensuring there will be no residues hidden in the wax that could cause contamination.

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